DB3 Network

A Decentralized and Scalable Data-Rollup Data Network

Boost your decentralization process as usaual

The way you use DB3 is just same as Firebase

Decentralized Database
Save dynamic data on chain
Quickly integrate database access
Manage data access
Browser on Chain

Track data read and write

How to change dAPP structure with DB3

Decentralized Database as back-end service for you dApps. DB3 allow you to quickly build a fully decentralized application instead of web2.5 by replacing your Firebase/Mysql.


Need to rely on a centralized database and maintain your own servers


Use DB3 to make your application decentralized and remove centralized server

Decentralized real-time database

DB3 is a decentralized database network that anyone can use without permission, with lots of novel properties

Mutable Document

The data stored on the DB3 network are dynamic structured data that can be updated in real time

Data Ownership

The data stored in DB3 Network is completely controlled by private key signature.

Data Programmable

Deploy complex data processing logic to the chain in a functional manner which can make the data processing transparent

Blazed Fast Read&Wirte

DB3 can provide high-performance data read and write services without losing the consensus security of the blockchain

What we are building for you

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DB3js make developers lives easier

NPM one-click installation

Fully compatible with Firestore's interface

Interacts with db3 network directly, no intermediate server

Flexible definition of data query index

CRUD the data in the front end directly


Data  management for developers

Manage the database you created

Check the access status of the statistics app

Manage your own defined on-chain functions

User address authorization management

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Browser on Chain

Track transaction details

Display the data of the whole network


Record for block and transactions

Validator information

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Multi-Chain Supportable

As a data storage network, db3 relies on blockchain consensus to ensure the security of data reading and writing without permission or trust. But, db3 never intends to build from scratch, but to stand on the shoulders of giants and establish an organic link with the existing public chain ecology. DB3 uses existing public chains for token management and fee settlement, DB3 can and plans to combine with many public chains

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What you can build with DB3

projects developed based on DB3, including information management tools, social, NFT, ZK-Prove, etc


Decentralized social networking and forums

Dynamic NFT